Don't wait until after a crash to find out your airbag was defective!

Get an Inspectable Airbag in your car!

The system was developed by a team dedicated to driver and passenger safety. We care about your family's safety, just as we care about our own. Don't wait until after a crash to find out your airbag was no longer safe. Tell your mechanic you want an Inspectable Airbag today!


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We are committed to providing you with control over your own safety, giving you the choice of replacing your airbag when you need it, not after.


A victim's rights attorney who personally represented several airbag injury victims helped develop this system to prevent more people from getting hurt or killed from a defective airbag. Airbags may break down over time. Until now, there was no practical way of inspecting an airbag system to determine if it was defective without having to replace the airbag itself.


Make Your Airbags Safer


For the past several years, many airbags have shown to break down over time. These defects have caused personal injury and accidental death to airbag victims.

We want the auto industry to change their thinking. Airbags may not last for the life of a vehicle any longer, and that's ok. Our Inspectable Airbag System allows the consumer to have control over when they replace their airbag.